What is Secret Item Games?

Secret Item Games is an indie game company from Lünen, Germany. Have you ever heard of a company where a mother and her son are building video games together? Now you have!


Who works at Secret Item Games?

Oswald Weber

Oswald Weber (Programmer/Game Designer/Business guy)

I have been playing and dreaming about making video games since I was 4 years old. My entire life I have been growing up with those old school Sonic games. So since I am now creating my first commercial game why not make it the kind of game I would have played when I was still a child? How did I become a game developer? I simply did a Bachelor of Science in Virtual Reality, specialized in Game Development and programming and right after finishing university I became an Indie Developer. I also did not give up my dream about making video games for 21 years.



Olga Rudi (2D Artist)

I have been a traditional artist for over 25 years and have been supporting my son Oswald his whole life. At first I was against him studying Game Development. I even tried to talk him out of it. But seeing how passionate he followed his dreams. I some day just stopped protesting and let him go his path. Over time he even made me aware that games are not that bad and when he needed someone doing the art for his game Super Paperman I even joined the project.